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Welcome to "STOP THAT - It's Not Working. A Guide To Being Successful In Anything You Do"


This information serves as a starting point for my coaching sessions. It replaces the traditional one-hour training workshop provided prior to the pandemic, and allows me to determine if the client fits within my scope of practice and will be successful within the coaching parameters. It ensures the coaching process will be effective.


Through completion of this workshop material, the individual who wants to do the work on their own has a starting point for taking the actions needed to change any aspect of their lives. Because you are not a client at this point, I do not have access to the completed information. It is your responsibility to use or not use of this information. Completing this seminar work and making the goal a reality rest solely with you.


For anyone wanting to go further, I have two options available. First, I offer one to one coaching with the client where I expand on the foundation work and through strategies and practices specific to the client, and based on their individual energy. Second, I offer group webinars to those who wish extra support, deeper information and exploration to make their change happen.


This PDF is downloadeable to print and work on, with video instructions for each page viewable at the link below: The video can be emailed upon request.

STOP THAT - It's Not Working. A Guide To Being Successful In Anything You Do

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